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Your Helpful Guide for Giving Sympathy Flowers

Your Helpful Guide for Giving Sympathy Flowers

May 27th 2023

An arrangement of sympathy flowers is a beautiful detail that can boost someone's mood even in the darkest hours. Help those near you by giving something meaningful that reminds them that you are with them even in these troubling times. Moreover, you might want to learn more about sympathy flowers and which option is best for each occasion.

Floral Basket

Friends and co-workers might choose a floral basket for their sympathy flowers because it's a nice gesture. However, they need to be rearranged by a professional florist to make the basket more meaningful. You can use almost any kind of flower for your basket. However, keep it formal and use delicate and beautiful flowers that represent your feeling of sympathy and care.

Floral Cross

Floral crosses are more meaningful and memorable than floral baskets and are the go-to choice of a group of people or a special someone. Floral crosses are always near the altar, so choose white lilies and roses to show a beautiful display of white and red. However, if you know the deceased's favorite flower, you can use it in your floral cross for remarkable detail.

Casket Flowers

Casket flowers are the go-to choice for close friends and family members. They are the flowers around the casket and visible from the altar. Red tulips and orchids are beautiful options to show love and appreciation. They bring a comfortable and peaceful ambiance to the ceremony that improves the mood and makes everyone feel a little less sad.

Add a Card to Your Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful detail, but a handwritten card is a personal statement of your feelings that might help people endure their grievances. According to the Society of American Florists, more than 80% of Americans say that getting flowers makes them feel better. Moreover, adding a card will make them feel loved and that you are with them in these complicated situations.

Sympathy flowers are more than a simple detail. They are a way to show your love and appreciation for someone who isn't there and how much you miss their presence. Moreover, make this gift more personal by calling a florist and buying the perfect flower arrangement with these tips. Arizona Family Florist is here to help you find what you need and deliver your floral arrangement in a timely manner.



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