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Why Flowers are a Great Gift for Any Occasion

Why Flowers are a Great Gift for Any Occasion

Sep 18th 2023

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out the right gift for someone? Make things easy on yourself and consider the gift of flowers. Valentine's Day is symbolic of giving flower arrangements. However, you can give them for any occasion, ranging from birthdays, holidays, or any other reason. Here are some reasons why florals make such a special gift.

Have Several Varieties

According to Edible Arrangements, over 400,000 flowering plant species exist worldwide. These species come in a range of colors, shapes, varieties, and so on. Just like food, regardless of how picky someone is, you're bound to find a flowering plant that they may like.

Make Someone Feel Good

Is someone in your life feeling sad or down? Has someone been sick for a while, and they're still recovering? If you feel at a loss trying to help them, the first step to take is to contact your local florist. According to the Society of American Florists, 65% of Americans feel special when receiving flowers. Don't be surprised if you see a big smile across their face when presented with a surprise gift of flowers.

Cater to Different Senses

While you can't hear flowers, they certainly do a great job catering to our other senses. When you give a floral gift, imagine the receiver breathing in the sweet aroma of lavender or freshly picked roses. If someone needs to calm down, that lavender scent is a sure way to do it. Then there's the amazing color variety, which often looks like an artist’s palette. While the taste of a flower may not be the first thing on someone's mind, they often make a great tea or even dessert. Rosebud or chrysanthemum tea tastes as good as it smells and has healthy properties.

Suitable for Any Occasion

You can give a floral arrangement to new parents upon the birth of a new baby or send them to a funeral to mark someone's death. Send some for a birthday or graduation celebration, or bring them to a party. Present them to someone you haven't seen in a long time. Whatever the reason, flowers are a great way to express love, thanks, gratitude, or just let someone know you're thinking of them.

You can't go wrong with flowers. There are so many varieties available that anyone can enjoy. With their colors, smells, shapes, and different occasions, let nature's blooms be your gift of choice. Contact Arizona Family Florist today for more information.



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