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Which Color Rose Should You Get a Loved One?

Which Color Rose Should You Get a Loved One?

Nov 15th 2023

Roses come in a ton of different colors. In fact, according to the National Garden Bureau, there are roughly 150 known species of roses across the globe along with thousands of hybrids. You may find yourself having to choose a few colors, and you may not be sure what they mean. Check out our guide below so you can find the right colors for your floral arrangements.

Red for Red Hot Romance

The most famous rose color is probably red. When you see flowers in movies or on TV, they're often one red hue or another. Red is great for signifying passion and romance. If you're getting flowers for a lover, red should certainly make the shortlist. They're great for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and more.

White for Purity and New Beginnings

White roses can be some of the most stunning. They signify fresh starts and purity. Many people also associate white with weddings owing to wedding dresses and the like. If you want to show someone how pure your love is for them, white makes for a great choice on practically any occasion. If white is a bit too stark for you, consider ivory instead.

Orange for Originality

Orange roses are one of the less common colors. This is great news if you're trying to stand out and do something original. If you want to mark a truly memorable occasion, orange roses are a fantastic choice. They can be energizing and because they're rather unique, they can draw in eyes.

Yellow for Cheer

Looking to cheer someone up? Perhaps your parents are going through a rough patch, or your siblings have been under the weather. Yellow roses can be uplifting and energizing. This makes them a great pick-me-up. They're also fantastic for drawing attention and can pair well with many other colors in floral arrangements.

Lavender for Budding Love

Are you trying to draw the attention of a special someone? Lavender roses can go a long way. Some folks associate lavender with young love. They can make for a great option if you're going on a first date or if you want to ask someone out.

Have you figured out what color roses you want to get for your floral arrangements? Need more help? Contact us at Arizona Florist! We'd be happy to share our insights and will gladly help you find the perfect arrangements for any occasion.



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