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What Flowers Are Considered Luxury?

What Flowers Are Considered Luxury?

May 31st 2024

Certain flowers are prized for their beauty, fragrance, and symbolism. While all flowers bring joy, some varieties stand out as extra special. The following luxurious blooms can elevate any floral arrangement!

Beautiful Blooms

Roses are the quintessential luxury flower. They have romantic associations and come in stunning colors like red, pink, yellow, and lavender. Long-stem varieties are especially prized. Orchids are another posh flower known for their delicate, intricate shapes. On top of these, the phalaenopsis orchid is popular for its white petals and vibrant spathes while peonies have lush, full blossoms and a lovely scent. In fact, 36% say peonies are their favorite flower!

Tropical Offerings

Some luxury flowers hail from tropical locales. Rare birds of paradise boast a striking bird-shaped orange pistil emerging from gray-blue petals. Proteas feature unusual, intricate shapes that lend bold texture. Tropical anthuriums make a statement with their waxy red heart-shaped blooms. These exotic tropical flowers are at home in luxury centerpieces and arrangements.

Fragrant Flowers

What good are gorgeous flowers if they don’t smell lovely, too? Luxurious blooms like gardenias and jasmine are prized in part for their intoxicating fragrance. Their sweet perfume is perfect for enhancing candles, soaps, sachets, and more. Freesia offers a fruitier scent, while lilies fill the air with a clean, green aroma. When scent matters, choose fragrant luxury flowers.

Seasonal Offerings

Certain luxury flowers are only available at specific times of year, which adds to their appeal. For example, hydrangea blooms in abundance in the summer but become scarce in winter. Their big bundled blossoms and rich colors like purple, blue, and magenta are spectacular in season. Tulips herald spring with their cheerful cups in dazzling hues. These seasonal flowers make luxurious arrangements when they’re at their peak.

Rare Varieties

Part of the allure of luxury flowers is their exclusivity. These include rare breeds like the black bat flower or blue rose, which command high prices thanks to their uniqueness. Some hybridized breeds like Juliet roses are protected with patents, limiting propagation. On top of that, flowers that require special care to grow, like gardenias, also boost desirability. For luxury floral gifts and displays, seek out these exclusive blooms.

The beauty, fragrance, and uniqueness of luxury flowers make them a special gift. With roses, orchids, tropical varieties, fragrant blooms, seasonal flowers, and rare breeds to choose from, you can create truly indulgent bouquets with the help of an experienced florist. Contact Arizona Family Florist to learn more today!



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