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What Flowers Are Best Suited for Hot Climates?

What Flowers Are Best Suited for Hot Climates?

Apr 4th 2024

Are you unsure about what flowers to choose when sending bouquets to hot and humid destinations? You want the lovely arrangements you've had professionals craft to hold up under challenging conditions. Certain blooms and greenery are better suited to withstanding strong heat, so let’s explore some of your best options for tropical bouquet success.

Consider Robust, Colorful Tropicals

Start with hardy tropical flowers that thrive under hot conditions. Proteas, with their wide variety of striking colors, are an ideal, long-lasting selection for warmth. Old-fashioned companion flowers, like the showy celosia and strong gerbera daisies, also handle the heat well. Florists can incorporate these flowers in modern, vibrant arrangements that pop against greenery accents. The flowering Jatropha shrub holds up spectacularly, along with a spiky bird of paradise and vivid vegetation like crotos.

Incorporate Airy Textures and Greenery

When thinking about how to support your tropical blooms, consider textures that breathe under heat and humidity. Airy bear grass and hanging amaranthus provide support and spacing within a design, allowing maximum airflow. Ferns, palm fronds, and heat-loving succulents, like colorful echeveria or prickly cactus paddles, also offer intriguing forms. These components add depth as pleasant accents to any bouquet for hot weather.

Choose Carefully for Fragrance and Color

While the flowers and accent greenery you select gain importance for durability, don't neglect fragrance and color when balancing arrangements. You’ll want your bouquets not just to last but also to delight the senses. Exceptionally fragrant options like Hawaiian ginger, tuberose, and sweet gardenia shine in humid conditions. For rich colors, florists can combine brightly-hued perennials like chrysanthemums, million bells, or canna lilies for a vivid display. With thoughtful planning, florist designs will pop magically against their lush exotic backdrops.

When sending arrangements to balmy destinations, a florist's expertise goes a long way. By putting to use these tips for flowers and accents that can tolerate hot temperatures and moisture, your gifts of gorgeous blossoms will flourish. The thoughtful recipients, experiencing their stunning bouquets amid the dazzling tropics, are sure to be thrilled by your selections suited perfectly to sultry settings. According to the Society of American Florists, receiving flowers makes 65% of Americans feel special, and your recipient will feel the same. When you're looking to send a floral arrangement, our florists can help you select the right flowers for any climate. Visit Arizona Family Florist today to get started!



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