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What Does Your Birth Month Flower Mean?

What Does Your Birth Month Flower Mean?

Oct 18th 2023

Before the days of wishing loved ones happy birthday via social media, flowers were often used to celebrate that special day. In fact, over the centuries, birth flowers were established much like birthstones with special meanings associated with each one. According to Hello Magazine, the trend of birth flowers, although long-standing, is now making a comeback as a trend for 2023 with interest up by 23%. A local florist can help you choose beautiful birth flower bouquets for loved ones, so let's review their meanings.


First, December’s birth flower is the narcissus and holly. The narcissus brings symbols of good wishes, such as hope and wealth. This is appropriate considering it’s the month containing the Christmas holiday. Second, January’s birth flower is the carnation and the snowdrop. Any florist will tell you that these hearty growers can brave the cold of winter. While snowdrops remind us of the beauty of winter, carnations create a beautiful drop of color in the bleak cold months. Finally, February hosts the violet and primrose as birth flowers; the violet symbolizes modesty and virtue.


March has the appropriate birth flower of the daffodil. Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom once warmer spring temperatures arrive! It symbolizes cheerfulness and the new beginnings of spring. Next, April births claim the daisy and the sweat pea. The daisy symbolizes love and purity. There are many types of daisies to choose from for this birth flower with colors ranging from white to pink. Finally, for May, the lily of the valley and the hawthorn are both birth flowers to choose from. The lily of the valley holds the meanings of sweetness, humility, and motherhood.


First, June boasts the queen of flowers, the rose, and the sweet-smelling honeysuckle. Roses symbolize love and devotion while the honeysuckle brings to mind thoughts of carefree summer days. Secondly, July’s birth flower is the larkspur, which actually symbolizes fickleness. While August has the birth flower of gladiolus, it means strength of character and sincerity.


September claims the aster or the morning glory, both of which truly put on a show this time of year. They symbolize all-powerful love, affection, and wisdom. Next, October births can enjoy the marigold with its vibrant autumn colors and symbols of fierce love, passion, and creativity. Finally, November embraces the cheerful chrysanthemum with all of its fall glory and is symbolic of loyalty and honesty.

A local florist can share more information with you on how to pick the perfect birthday bouquet for your loved ones. Give Arizona Family Florist a call or stop by today for all of your flower needs!



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