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What Are the Best-Smelling Flowers?

What Are the Best-Smelling Flowers?

Feb 26th 2024

Spring is the time of rebirth, which means more flowers will be blooming before you know it. According to a survey by We Love Florists, smell is the second most popular reason people like florals. What are the best-smelling flowers? Read on to find out more.

1. Magnolias

Did you know that magnolias go back millions of years? These elegant flowers come in pink, purple, white, and yellow. The blooms are renowned for their slightly sweet and lemony fragrance. Whether you live in a temperate or tropical space, you can enjoy the beauty of magnolias. However, they're heavily associated with the southern United States, as captured in the Southern Belle film, “Sweet Magnolias.”

2. Roses

Roses are renowned for their beauty and their association with romance. While all roses don't have a scent, the ones that do certainly make their presence known. There are over 300 species, and the aroma is strong and popular enough for use in bath products and fragrances. Simply adding rose petals to your bath can create a luxurious and aromatic bathing experience. English and Tea roses are among the most fragrant varieties.

3. Lavender

Lavender is not only a flower but also part of the mint family. The long lavender stems deliver frequent, deep purple flowers that can add life to any home or garden. It's even more popular than roses for cosmetics and various aromatherapy products. If you're having problems unwinding or getting your seven to nine hours of sleep, getting some lavender from your local florist can help.

4. Jasmine

If you ever sipped on a cup of Jasmine green tea, you have already had a glimpse of how the flower smells and can relax you quickly. Jasmine’s striking but delicate star-shaped flowers come in either yellow or white colors. Did you know that their scent can get even more intense at night? Because of its strong nighttime scent, it may also be an ideal flower to put in your bedroom since it has similar relaxing effects to lavender.

These are some of the best-smelling flowers you can surround yourself with. Whether you want flowers to uplift your mood, remind you of your favorite fragrance, or help you sleep better at night, these blooms are top choices. Brighten up your life and your senses by visiting our local flower shop so we can help you pick the perfect scented blooms.



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