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Think Ahead: Choose These 3 Blooms for a High School Graduation Bouquet!

Think Ahead: Choose These 3 Blooms for a High School Graduation Bouquet!

May 31st 2024

High school graduation for your child will be here before you know it. According to the Society of American Florists, about 77% of flowers purchased are with a reason or occasion in mind. Skip the last-minute scramble and plan your teen's graduation bouquet now. Consider choosing from these beautiful blooms when you visit a local florist!

1. Timeless Roses

You can’t go wrong with classic roses in bright, cheerful colors. Opt for a dozen or more in hues that may match the colors of your teen's high school or the college they may plan to attend. You may also choose a color that represents something; for example, pink roses convey gentle gratitude, yellow roses promise friendship, and lavender roses send enchanting beauty. For an impressive statement, select large-headed mature roses. Arrange a mix of colors and varieties like hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses for a bouquet with depth and texture. Fragrant roses make a fitting graduation gift.

2. Spring Tulips

Nothing says it’s springtime like a bouquet of tulips in every color. Pick a rainbow array of purple, yellow, pink, orange, and red tulips to celebrate the exciting graduation season. To make the bouquet extra special, include parrot tulips featuring ruffled, striped blooms in unique shapes. Tulips pair nicely with spirited freesia and blue hyacinth for a coordinated spring look. Present your teen with this vibrant bouquet to brighten their graduation day.

3. Personalized Blooms

For a thoughtful touch, include flowers with special meaning to your child. Their birth month flowers, state blossom, or favorite variety like peonies or calla lilies are some tailored options to consider. Ask a local florist to wire in a special charm or trinket your teen will appreciate. With personalized picks, you’re sure to give your graduation flowers as unique as they are.

Whatever flowers you decide on, be sure to order from a professional local florist. They can expertly arrange, craft, and deliver a gorgeous bouquet to your graduate using the freshest blooms. Give them ample lead time to have the best selection on hand. With next-day delivery, you can time it to arrive on graduation day for the best effect. Visit Arizona Family Florist today to learn more about our floral options.



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