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These Flowers Will Fill Your Home With a Delightful Aroma

These Flowers Will Fill Your Home With a Delightful Aroma

Jul 8th 2024

When you walk into a room filled with the lovely scent of flowers, doesn't it just brighten your day? Their beauty isn't the only thing flowers are known for. They're also known for their delightful aromas. It's like a little whiff of springtime whenever you breathe in their perfumes. If you're looking to fill your home with fragrant flowers, you've got plenty of options to choose from. Let's explore some varieties known for their intoxicating fragrances and how you can use them to scent every room.

Roses and Peonies for Classic Flower Scents

You can't go wrong with tried and true blooms like roses, peonies, and gardenias. Go for old-fashioned rose types like 'Fragrant Cloud' or 'Double Delight' for those sweet, spicy notes that spell romance. The sumptuous, fully double peony flowers are prized for their sweet, almost fruity fragrance. Sultry gardenias are tropical flowers that evoke Hawaiian vacations with their heady white blooms. Don't overlook classics like lilacs, mock orange, and honeysuckle. Many people have such nostalgic connections to those vintage scents. According to a survey by We Love Florists, the second most common reason people enjoy flowers is their memorable aromas. It makes sense we're drawn to flowers invoking our childhood.

Herbs and Annuals Add Lovely Scents

While roses and peonies may be the divas of the fragrance world, herbs and annuals have their own allure. Mint, rosemary, and basil lend an airy freshness perfect for kitchen windowsills. Old-fashioned annuals like nicotiana, mignonette, and sweet alyssum give off honey-like perfumes that scent the air on summer nights. Exotic angel's trumpet flowers release an intoxicating lemon-vanilla fragrance each evening too.

Follow Your Nose and Get Creative

When choosing blooms, read descriptions of fragrances and pick what sounds pleasing to you. Try different scent profiles from fresh and herbal to spicy, fruity, or vanilla. Combining varieties is part of the magic - blending rose with mint or gardenia with basil creates complex bouquets.

Fill your home with delightful aromas this season by surrounding yourself with fragrant flowers. Breathe deep and let their perfume lift your spirits while enjoying a little whiff of springtime in every room. Visit Arizona Family Florist to find the perfect flowers to fill your home with your desired fragrance.



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