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The Psychology Behind Flowers

The Psychology Behind Flowers

Sep 18th 2023

Flowers are truly special. The blooms are beautiful to grow in your garden and just as great to have as a gift. However, flowers don't just look and smell beautiful; they can have an amazing impact on the way people feel! According to the Society of American Florists, 80% of Americans say receiving floral arrangements brings them joy. Read on to learn more about the psychological impact of flowers.

Sensual Stimulation

If you enjoy color, you can't go wrong by surrounding yourself with flowers. After all, these blooms come in different species and various colors. Your visual senses are further enhanced by the multitude of shapes different flowers have, while your sense of touch can enjoy the different textures. Take, for example, a beautiful stem of roses. The rosebud itself may be soft to the touch, but as your hands move down to the stem, it may be pricked by its thorns. Similarly, a bunch of lavender is bound to please your sense of smell and relax you.

Love and Romance

According to florists, February 14th is their busiest day of the year, sending out floral arrangements thanks to the Valentine's holiday. Even when it's not February 14th, floral arrangements are still symbolic of love, especially when exchanged between romantic partners. A beautiful bouquet is symbolic of nuptials since brides often carry them. When a guy wants to impress a girl, he'll often buy her flowers to express his affection.

Therapeutic Qualities

Most people have felt the therapeutic quality of flowers at some point. There’s a reason why people often give flowers when someone is sick or feeling down. Recent studies have shown that flowers can help lower heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisone levels. In other words, they have a major impact on reducing stress, which is very prevalent in society. Serotonin and dopamine levels are often increased, which can help regulate mood and enhance positive feelings. When someone is feeling sad, receiving a floral arrangement is bound to make them feel a sense of gratitude and that someone cares.

There are so many reasons why people love flowers. Florals are beautiful, pleasant to touch, and usually smell pretty awesome. In addition to this sensory experience, they also benefit people psychologically and emotionally. If there’s someone in your life to whom you want to gift the best sensory or therapeutic experience, contact our local floral shop at Arizona Florist for our unique floral arrangements today.



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