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Surprise Your Spouse With These Popular Flower Arrangements

Surprise Your Spouse With These Popular Flower Arrangements

Jul 3rd 2024

Surprising your spouse with a beautiful flower arrangement is the perfect way to show that you love them or demonstrate appreciation. When it comes to flowers, it can take time to choose the right arrangement. You want your flowers to deliver the intended message and ensure they make their face light up. We’ll review a few things to remember when choosing flowers and some of the most popular arrangements to make sure you know what you want before contacting flower delivery services.

Their Favorites

Always remember your spouse’s favorites. Include their favorite flower in the arrangement. You can also include their favorite color. Arrangements usually have various flowers so that you can incorporate their favorite flower and color. You can also tie a ribbon around the flowers using their favorite color. A personalized flower arrangement shows that you know them, see them as a person, and they mean the world to you.

The Occasion

If you have an occasion in mind, consider getting flowers specifically for it. Roses are known for being more romantic, making them an exceptional flower to include in arrangements for special occasions. According to The Knot, cosmos can grow six feet tall and typically bloom in large numbers, usually associated with second wedding anniversaries! There’s nothing wrong with getting a flower well-known for a particular occasion and including a few of their favorite things in the arrangement.

The Meaning

If your spouse loves flowers, use flowers that symbolize the meaning behind the arrangement. Sunflowers are known for being cheerful and are thought to symbolize happiness. Roses are romantic and remain a symbol of love. Wildflowers are carefree, making them the perfect choice for the free-spirited spouse. White lilies are known for representing commitment. Pick up pink lilies to symbolize passion.

Flower arrangements from flower delivery services can include various types of flowers. Consider a mixture of summer flowers for the season, such as beautiful dahlias or hydrangeas. Roses are always a great idea and pair well with various other types of flowers. Carnations are available in attractive colors, such as light pink, and can be paired with wildflowers for a unique bouquet. The possibilities are endless.

Flower delivery services are guaranteed to make your spouse smile. However, it’s essential to make sure you pick the perfect arrangement. Our team at Arizona Family Florist can help you design an arrangement your significant other will love.



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