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Most Popular Birthday Flowers to Gift a Loved One

Most Popular Birthday Flowers to Gift a Loved One

Dec 20th 2023

While it can be difficult to come up with a meaningful birthday present for a loved one, flowers remain a timeless expression of love and appreciation. According to the Society of American Florists, birthdays, along with anniversaries, top the most frequent occasions for purchasing flowers, at 12%. This list contains some of the top types of flowers you should consider when honoring the birthday of a loved one.

Roses: An Elegant Classic

Roses are emblematic of love and passion. Often tied with romantic sentiment, roses come in many varieties and can also convey other feelings. In contrast to deeply romantic red varieties, pink roses can mean sweetness and admiration. They may be the right birthday gift for a daughter or mother. Yellow roses are linked with friendship and joy and can be gifted to a friend or relative. You can never go wrong with gifting roses. There's a reason they have been given to loved ones for decades.

Lilies: Bold and Beautiful

Also a classic, lilies make for great birthday bouquets. Elegant yet bold, many lily varieties are radiant in color and stylish in shape. Lilies can be used to express deep love or passion, but are versatile. They can also always be given appropriately to friends, relatives, and neighbors. A couple of varieties to highlight are the elegant, white Easter lilies, and the vibrant, often pink, stargazer lilies.

Gerbera Daisies: A Symbol of Celebration

With their radiant colors and neat profile that provide for a tidy bouquet, Gerbera daisies look like a party in a vase. This makes them perfect for birthday celebrations, as they instantly add tremendous color and a festive feel to any occasion. Typically seen in shades such as deep red, yellow, white, orange, and pink, Gerbera daisies as a gift are symbolic of joy and happiness. An added bonus of these wonderful flowers is that they grow well in most climates, meaning that they will be available and healthy-looking at most flower shops.

These picks are just a few that are sure to help you express what you want to for a loved one's birthday. Whether you go with the sophisticated and renowned rose, the vibrant and stylish lily, or the fun and celebratory Gerbera daisy, your loved one will be pleased. At Arizona Family Florist, we can help you choose the right flower for your needs. Give us a call or visit us today!



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