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How to Care for Flowers in the Spring

How to Care for Flowers in the Spring

Apr 4th 2024

When spring arrives, flower delivery services see an increase in orders for fresh floral arrangements. The vibrant colors and sweet scents of spring blooms can really brighten up a home. However, to get the most enjoyment from your floral gifts, you’ll need to care for the flowers properly. Here are some tips on keeping cut flowers looking their best in spring.

Display in a Clean Vase

Always start by putting your bouquet in a thoroughly cleaned vase. Wash the vase well with soap and hot water. Bacteria in old water can block flower stems from absorbing fresh water. Use lukewarm water for the flowers because cold water can shock them. Recut each stem at an angle with a sharp knife to allow maximum water intake.

Give Them Fresh Water

Change the vase water every couple of days. Re-trim the stems each time to allow them to drink efficiently. Adding a floral preservative to the water can also help prolong the life of cut flowers. Preservatives contain sugars to nourish blooms and an acidifier to inhibit bacterial growth. Follow the directions on the packet from your local flower delivery services.

Keep Stems Hydrated

If flower heads start to wilt while stems and leaves still look healthy, then the stems may be blocked. Recut them and submerge the flowers fully in lukewarm water for an hour. This allows stems to rehydrate and take up water again. Set the flowers back in a vase with fresh water and floral preservative.

Maintain Ideal Conditions

Flowers thrive in moderate temperatures around 66 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep them away from heating vents, direct sun, and drafts. The humidity level in the room should be around 60% to 70%; mist flowers lightly if the air is very dry. Remove any flowers that wilt or fade to prevent bacteria from spreading. Follow these tips and your flowers from local flower delivery services will last.

With proper care, a spring flower arrangement can brighten your home for a week or more. Remembering these flower care tips will help you extend the pleasure of each beautiful bouquet. According to the study, 73% of consumers now have a higher appreciation of flowers, which is a significant increase in appreciation compared to 2009. When you're ready to send a spring flower bouquet, we are here to help. Reach out to our flower shop today to select the perfect one for your recipient.



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