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Consider These Flowers for a Fun and Fragrant Bouquet

Consider These Flowers for a Fun and Fragrant Bouquet

Jun 5th 2024

A lovely bouquet is a beautiful thing to behold and smell! Bouquets are a great purchase for many different events, including birthdays and anniversaries. According to Hello Magazine, the trend of birth flowers is a new breakthrough trend in 2023 with search interest up 23%. Birth flowers, certain hues, and pairing particular blooms are all options when you work with a professional florist regardless of the occasion! Here are some fun flowers for beauty and scent to consider the next time you'd like to gift a bouquet.


Hyacinth is a highly fragrant bloom; its smell is both earthy and sweet. These spring blooms come in dense clusters of various colors. Pink, red, purple, white, orange, and blue hues give you a lot of options when choosing these for a bouquet. The smell gets more intense as the blooms open up more fully. In fact, hyacinth has such a strong fragrance that it’s used to repel insects!


Freesia comes in many colors to choose from. It features a sweet fruity scent. The trumpet-like shaped flower has delicate leaves. You can use freesia in arrangements to bring a lovely smell to your home or in a bouquet to a fragrant statement.


We can’t talk about fragrant flowers without mentioning the rose. Roses are classic blooms for a strong romantic aroma. Different roses produce various smells and come in many colors. This makes the rose a highly versatile and sought-after flower for bouquets and arrangements. Like freesia, a rose's smell develops as the bud opens more fully.


Peonies are one of the best-smelling flowers. When you couple that with the fact that they present huge and full blooms, you have the perfect combination. The peony only blooms for a short while, which makes these flowers even more special. You can find peonies in an assortment of soft colors that work well for all types of occasions and arrangements. Peonies are also considered an old-fashioned bloom, which exudes romance and elegance.

These are just a few of the flowers to choose from when you visit your local florist. If you’re looking for the perfect flowers for a fragrant bouquet, we can help. Give Arizona Family Florist a call or come by to visit our flower shop today. We are here for all your floral needs!



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