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Choose These Fresh Flowers for Your Summer Wedding Bridesmaids Bouquet

Choose These Fresh Flowers for Your Summer Wedding Bridesmaids Bouquet

May 6th 2024

For many people, getting married is one of the most important milestones in life. Given that, you’ll want to make sure that everything is just right, including your summer wedding bridesmaid’s bouquet and other floral arrangements. This is especially true given that you should allot 7% of your overall wedding budget to flowers, according to Let’s take a look at the best fresh flowers for summer weddings.


These vibrant flowers offer a romantic and vibrant vibe. They work well in a variety of arrangements and for bouquets as well. They also pair nicely with many other types of flowers. Given all that, it’s no surprise they’re one of the most popular options for a summer wedding.


If you want fresh flowers that really stand out, the dahlia is one of the best choices. The flowers practically explode with their vibrant petals and overall shape. They come in many colors and hues, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble pinning down some dahlias that suit your preferences.


Daisies are one of the most common flowers you’ll find and for good reason. They offer engaging aesthetics and work well for a variety of events. Further, while they are common, they are also bright, cheerful, and eye-catching. Make sure you consider them for your wedding or any other events.

Purple Clematis

Purple is a great accent color for summer weddings and the purple clematis is one of the most eye-catching purple flowers around. The bright and bold flowers make for great arrangements and can add a touch of flair to your wedding. You can also get white clematis if you’d prefer something more subdued but still fetching.


Carnations are a mainstay, and that should be no surprise. These beautiful flowers come in many different colors and are rather easy to find. There’s a good chance that your local flower shop will have these flowers on hand throughout the summer.

Of course, the above list isn’t exhaustive. If these flowers don’t suit your fancy, you should visit a flower shop and speak with the staff. They’ll be able to provide recommendations for fresh flowers based on your personal needs and preferences. Feel free to get in touch with us at Arizona Family Florist if you need assistance.



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