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Best Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversaries

Best Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversaries

Sep 18th 2023

Celebrating anniversaries is an important part of any relationship. If you have one upcoming, you might be wondering which type of flowers are the best to send. Unlike Mother's Day flowers, there is a wider range of choices of appropriate flower choices available for anniversaries. According to The Knot, the flowers associated with second wedding anniversaries are Cosmos, which can grow up to six feet and bloom in large numbers. This is a wonderful choice along with these three options that are perfect for your upcoming celebration.


Often associated with love and beauty, roses are perfect for every occasion. While not a popular choice for Mother's Day flowers, they'll delight almost every recipient. And, red isn't the only color option. If your beloved has a favorite color, or if there's a specific rose that carries special meaning, that's the option to choose. It's hard to go wrong with sending a dozen roses on an anniversary!

Wildflower Bouquet

Not a traditional choice, but there's just something so special and cheerful about wildflower bouquets. Your local floral designer will be able to create an arrangement that reflects your love and affection. Wildflowers look beautiful paired with dahlias and peonies as well as greens. There's no limit to the creativity that can go into an arrangement like this! Opting for a creative bouquet such as one centered around wildflowers is the perfect way to show thoughtfulness and love.

Favorite Flowers

Of course, the best flowers to send on your wedding anniversaries are your beloved's favorites. If you're not sure, or you're looking for something new, creating a bouquet is another option. This type of arrangement can center around one or two favorite flowers, or even use a favorite color as a starting point. The most important part of sending flowers is the feelings that are associated with the gift. If you're unsure about where to start, think of your local florist as an advisor who can guide you through the process. The more personal your choices, the better!

We're the local florist who's here for more than your Mother's Day flowers and Valentine's Day roses. We can help you add beauty to all the celebrations that you have throughout the year. Call or stop by today to learn more about the beautiful plant and flower options that we have available. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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