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A Beginner's Guide to Perennials

A Beginner's Guide to Perennials

Posted by Admin on Mar 5th 2024

Have you ever heard of perennials? These plants live for more than two years, unlike annuals. Are you a flower lover and gardener who wants to enjoy certain types of flowers year after year? Here's some information about perennial blooms.


While you may enjoy digging in the dirt of your garden, with perennials, you don't have to replant flower seeds every spring. Avoid spending money constantly buying new seeds. That’ll free up time for other, more labor-intensive plants.

Based on how they grow, perennials also have a naturally beautiful presence in your garden. They tend to grow together in clumps. Imagine walking into your garden and seeing beautiful clusters of flowers gathered together naturally. Their beauty also attracts harmonious wildlife such as birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

Popular Blooms

Among the most popular types of perennials are roses. According to the National Garden Bureau, roses come in over 150 varieties, including hybrids. If you enjoy bold purple colors and easy relaxation, you'll enjoy the beauty of lavender. When you have these flowers in your home, you can use them for cosmetic and aromatherapy purposes. Some people even enjoy the benefits of lavender in tea and as a baking ingredient.


It's best to plant perennials at night in your garden. Try to do so in the spring or fall, as you need moist soil and mild weather. Planting them during the extreme seasons can cause stress on the blooms. Don't overwater them, as root rot can result from soggy soil. If you go crazy with the fertilizer, you may inadvertently weaken the plant and reduce its flowering capability. Feeding these blooms once or twice a year in your garden is enough.

As mentioned, perennial blooms make a striking appearance by growing in clumps. However, it's a good idea to divide these clusters periodically. Take smaller sections and replant them in another part of your garden. As a result, you'll be able to continuously propagate new plants.

As you can see, some of the most popular flowers, like roses and lavender, are among the perennial group. Flowers in this category offer variety, longevity, and time savings for any flower lover. To learn more about and purchase perennials for your enjoyment, visit our local flower shop today.



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