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High Style and Tropical

High Style and Tropical Arrangements

This collection masterfully fuses high-style designs with tropical house plants, curating a unique blend of luxury and tropical splendor. Perfect as eye-catching centerpieces or for bringing a touch of the tropics indoors.

Our high style and tropical arrangements are meticulously handcrafted with the finest quality flowers and plants, suitable for creating a striking tropical environment indoors. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, sending a grand gesture, or elevating your interior décor, these arrangements are bound to impress.

Discover the vivid allure of the tropics combined with stylish elegance in our stunning arrangements. Order today from AZ Florist and allow these stunning tropical plants to breathe life into your indoor spaces.

  • Tropical Sunrise Bouquet

    Phoenix Florist

    Tropical Sunrise Bouquet

    Enticing with the blooms of paradise, this bouquet of ginger, birds of paradise, and anthirium is an incredible way to capture your special recipient's attention. Cherry red ginger blooms and crimson anthirium are brilliantly offset by soft pink...

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  • Tropical Sunrise

    Tropical Sunrise

    The Tropical Paradise bouquet is a sophisticated composition of our finest tropical flowers presented in a sleek black platform container. This luxurious bouquet showcases our signature Bird of Paradise, magnificently accented with fuchsia dendrobium...

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  • Island Breeze Arrangement


    Island Breeze Arrangement

    The Island Breeze Arrangement employs ginger and heliconia to bring paradise straight to your special recipients door. Vibrant and bright red and green upright heliconia, orange and yellow psitticorum heliconia, shampoo ginger, red ginger and a lush...

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  • Tropical Bright Arrangement

    Tropical Bright Arrangement

    The Tropical Bright Arrangement highlights the incredible texture and color of Birds of Paradise to bring your special recipient a flower arrangement blooming with modern elegance and eyecatching grace. Brilliant orange and purple Birds of Paradise...

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  • Birds of Paradise Bud Vase

    Birds of Paradise Bud Vase

    A long standing symbol of freedom and joy, the bird of paradise is a stunning and exotic choice for the modern flower enthusiast! Contemporary, linear accents and classic eucalyptus highlights create a unique bouquet for the artist in your life.

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