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What Are Birth Flowers and Why Are They Popular?

What Are Birth Flowers and Why Are They Popular?

Feb 28th 2024

What better reason to visit local flower shops than for someone's birthday? Therefore, you might as well get on the birth flower trend. Like birthstones, there are particular flowers associated with specific birth months. Read on for more insight about why this has become the latest flower trend.


Your birthday is a special day every year as it marks the day you came into this world. Therefore, your birthday month can often be a major sign of identity. There are several ways to add to that identity, thanks to astrological signs and birthstones. With the popularity of birth flowers, people have yet another way to form a strong bond around this life event. According to Hello Magazine, birth flowers became a breakthrough trend in 2023, with search interest up 23%.


Symbolism has importance across various cultures, countries, and individuals. Such symbolism carries a special weight when you have birth flowers that also double with religious or historical associations. Take, for example, the Lily of the Valley. The Lily of the Valley is associated with May birthdays, but it also has religious associations tied to Easter and Christian mythology.


Flower shops are a great place to go when you want to give someone you love a thoughtful gift. Sending someone you care about birth flowers, shows you've taken the time to research the flower associated with their special day. While that person likely still would have loved any other flowers you sent them, taking an extra step to understand the symbolism behind their birthday month certainly makes it extra special.

Easy Gifts

To be honest, some people may be hard to shop for. In the case of birthdays, when you're giving a gift, much like Christmas, you want to get something they like. With birth flowers, you have some of the easiest gifts you can send because of the symbolism around the birthday itself. Once you understand the flower associated with the birthday, you may want to make it a regular birthday gift.

Local flower shops are available to make your birthday shopping much easier. Birth flowers are a beautiful trend that can make everyone's birthday month extra special. If you've ever been at a loss for what to send your friends and family on their regular birth anniversary, you no longer have that problem. For birth flowers you and others can enjoy, visit our flower shop for assistance.



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